is an established e-commerce apparel company, selling humorous loungewear and accessories.

The Challenge.

LazyOne had a nearly invisible online presence, was struggling with sales and had no clear brand identity. They also lacked a customer database and had minimal to no user engagement.


The Goal.

The objective was to increase customer acquisition, engagement and retention through various digital marketing strategies including social media, SEO and email marketing. Additionally, we needed to develop a new website that would allow for a more user- friendly experience through engaging website extensions.

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Avg Reach Per Week
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Years in business
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-Online / E-Commerce

The How.

Carte Blanche would implement a digital marketing campaign along with a social media marketing strategy designed to drive more traffic to the website, increase conversions and build a customer database. We would deploy inventory updates on all SKUs, while simultaneously revamping all existing content. Carte Blanche would also need to redesign and develop a new website with engaging functionalities in order to increase session durations and decrease bounce rates, leading to a more successful bottom line.


The digital marketing strategy put in place increased ROI dramatically. Traffic to the website greatly increased, growing the customer database and solidifying their brand identity. After manually updating over 2000 SKUs, customer service and shipping efficiency improved, garnering positive reviews and customer loyalty. With Carte Blanche’s website redesign, overall traffic was significantly improved.
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Increase in sales
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Increase in users
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Keywords ranked on page 1 of Google
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Increase in page views
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Website traffic increase
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Decrease in bounce rates
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Increase in sessions