Carte Blanche is a full-service digital marketing agency located in the vibrant district of Saint-Henri in Montreal, Canada, in the historic RCA building. Founded by lifelong entrepreneur Danny Boktor, Carte Blanche’s expertise lies in attracting, nurturing and gripping market attention, resulting in long-standing customer relationships.

What does this mean for you?

Online content, marketing campaigns and social media pages are being created and deployed at breakneck speeds. That means a lot of competition for attention and engagement. How can you stand out in today’s supercharged online landscape? We use a decade’s worth of experience to seamlessly blend all aspects of digital marketing, allowing us to be a step ahead of consumer trends and behaviours.

Vision isn't fuelled by foresight, but rather, by our willingness to let go of what we perceive.

Defining moments are often born unexpectedly. Though we are data-driven and rely on established digital marketing strategies that work, we are firm believers in constantly redefining how we create, as we evolve. When curating our team, we made sure that each individual understood and embraced this philosophy, not only in our work environment, but in their everyday lives as well.

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