Danny Boktor.

Owner Operator
"Hey Danny, what's the best way to get this done?" Simple - easy. Danny's stripped down, no fuss approach is the corner stone of Carte Blanche's positive and consistent motivation. It also helps that his ultra cute dog Gizmo gets us all through those long office days. With over 15 years experience in the e-commerce world, he remains motivated by the inner workings of business and strives to provide stellar customer service Beside working out, playing golf and traveling, he enjoys making his pecs dance the mambo and podcasting. His first words on air..."Wow, I do have a great radio voice!"

Meryeme Lahmami.

Digital Marketing Manager
Being an entrepreneur is in Meryeme's blood and at one time, so was being a high-level athlete. With over 8 years in digital marketing experience and having raised over half a million dollars in funding for a wearables startup that she spearheaded, she also started and launched the first wearables conference in Montreal. Her philosophy is simple, "find a way, or make one." Speaking of philosophy, Meryeme enjoys listening to philosophy podcasts when commuting - she thinks, therefore she is. Descartes would be proud.

Jessica Kourtis.

Graphic Designer
Jessica has been a graphic designer for over 7 years as well as an entrepreneur. She specializes in branding and loves to keep her designs minimal, letting the "less is more" adage shine through. One of her main artistic inspirations is Roy Litchenstein, although she's a huge fan of the pop art movement in general. Her love for design is only matched by her love of animals. Her #1 bucket list item: African safari. We wouldn't be surprised to see Jessica get her own show on Animal Planet someday soon.

Rich Hevesi.

Web Developer
With 20 years experience developing websites from basic to advanced e-commerce platforms, Rich knows his way around the web world. He's actively involved in the Wordpress community and has created some top selling e-commerce sites for their market. Rich is not just a keyboard warrior though. He can handle chainsaw carving just as well as he handles code - and he has a green thumb too. His words to live by, "don't worry, it'll be okay." We're not worried Rich. Just be careful with those chainsaws.

Marco Gaudio.

Content Writer / Copywriter
Marco bridges the gap between relaying pertinent information and telling a truly engaging story. His knack for storytelling and the written word became evident during his 12 years as a songwriter. Following his passion for music lead to countless live performances, packed crowds, 4 studio albums, nationwide album releases and, well, that's it. These days, he's working on his first poetry book, hoping to make Dr. Seuss proud.

Olivier Sanche.

Olivier’s work unifies both artistic and technical skills. With over 7 years of experience as a professional photographer, his range of experience touches all fields of photography. Regardless of the target audience, Olivier’s images always leave a lasting impression. You'll definitely be impressed with his other passion too: skateboarding. Catch him land hardflips over gaps at the skatepark, rain or shine. (Editors note: I'm not sure what hardflips are, but they sound awesome.)

Vatche Balouzian.

Vatche lends his 6th sense, boisterous personality and meticulous research tactics to everything he does. In fact, he's giving me a suspicious look from across the room right now, sensing that I'm writing about him. He functions best under cool weather and communicates best in a loud, booming voice. The only thing louder than his voice is his sarcasm, and we're all "very thankful for that." I see you Vatche. I'll stop writing now.

Deya Bautista.

Project Manager
Deya came to Montreal from Venezuela to complete her higher education. Her passion for technology and web-development was put on display when she launched the Montreal Real Estate Blog in 2007. She has since worked as a project manager for clients in Montreal and Toronto, sharpening her skills and becoming the finely tuned, organizational machine we all know and love today. Deya may be the quiet type, but when she has something to say, she has a wire-frame, work-flow, color coded graph to back it up.