wrnch is a computer vision and deep learning Software Engineering Company based in Montreal, CA – a renowned hub for AI.

The Challenge.

Prior to working with Carte Blanche, wrnch’s website was dated and not user-friendly. Despite their quickly evolving AI technology, their website was not following suit. CTA’s were non existent, which didn’t convert visitors to leads. Visuals were few and far between, which took away from the user experience (UX) as well as not serving justice to wrnch’s incredible work in deep learning and AI software. A great challenge was learning the heavily intricate, scientific vocabulary associated with wrnchAI. Both visuals and content writing needed to be concise, focused and on point.

The Goal.

Our goal was to give wrnchAI a modern, clean look that would enhance their incredible AI software, while also providing a great user experience. We needed to add CTA’s across the website to encourage conversions as well as optimize it as a company recruiting tool. We would need to introduce a very clean and easy way for top-tier AI specialists and computer scientists to apply for various open positions. Visuals would need to be smart, engaging and also demonstrate wrnchAI’s cutting edge software in action.


Though our initial deadline was pushed due to evolution in the project’s scope, we still managed to complete the project within a two-month period. This allowed wrnch to showcase their new site at CVPR (Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition). We also took initiative in creating an engaging story through a themed “Day In The Life” story concept, where the reader is taken through a full day using wrnchAI software. In the end, we surpassed expectations by delivering a site that is both engaging and greatly informative, while helping wrnchAI to establish brand recognition in the AI software space.

Thank you wrnchAI for choosing and trusting us with this amazing project!