C&M Textiles is a longstanding fabric and home decor retailer, with locations across Quebec and Ontario.

The Challenge.

Though C&M Textiles has been in business for 70 years, they were struggling with their online customer engagement, brand visibility, identity and overall presence. Little to no efforts were made regarding digital marketing prior to working with Carte Blanche..


The Goal.

The objective was to increase leads directly through the website as well as achieve stronger brand identity through digital marketing strategies including social media, SEO and email marketing. Additionally, we needed to redesign the website, give it a more user- friendly feel, while also adding new, interactive website features.

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Avg Reach Per Week
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Years in business
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The How.

Carte Blanche created SEO-optimized content while implementing social media marketing strategies, designed to increase leads. The website was set to be re-designed, adding engaging functionalities like a real-time application that allows the customer to see their chosen drapery fabric installed on a virtual window.


The newly-implemented digital marketing campaign was met with immediate success. Lead generation skyrocketed and audience engagement increased across all social media platforms. The creation and addition of Carte Blanche’s “Custom Drape Builder” created even more leads than expected. An online free sample program was introduced as well, resulting in a 75% conversion rate. C&M Textiles improved and cemented their position in the fabric and home decor retail space, while also establishing a steadily increasing audience.

Future Strategies.

This year, Carte Blanche will be migrating the C&M Textiles website from Opencart to WooCommerce. This move will help push the newly-implemented online fabric sales while also creating a better U/X & U/I. The emphasis on e-commerce with a focus on fabric will be implemented as well, as C&M is missing a great sales opportunity in this space. We are also set to improve the Custom Drape Builder, as a push for more lead generation and higher conversion rates. Consequently, we will launch an “Upholstery Builder” allowing the user to see their chosen fabric installed on various furniture pieces in real time.
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Increase in leads
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Increase in sessions
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Conversion rate through free sample program
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Increase in users
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Website traffic increase
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Increase in page views