The Importance of Being Present on LinkedIn

The Importance of Being Present on LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn

When it comes down to choosing which social media platform you or your company should be present on, LinkedIn was sometimes overlooked. What was often forgotten was the abundance of opportunities LinkedIn has to offer individuals and business owners alike. The underestimated social media platform encourages its’ users to connect with industry professionals which in return can help you in furthering your career. LinkedIn also reduces the hassle of job searching by suggesting job openings posted on LinkedIn tailored to your education and experience. Let’s also not forget it also increases business to business activity and growth. So, why isn’t everyone on LinkedIn?

Many businesses and individuals have used Facebook for several years to advocate their personal interests, education, experience and career goals – it was a not-so-secret way for businesses to see who a potential employee really was, thus possibly dismissing a highly qualified participant.

Although LinkedIn was created in 2002, two years prior to Facebook, the underrated platform finally started to increase dramatically in 2013 by 38% and it has been successful in continuing it’s growth surpassing the 240 million active users accounted for in 2014. Let me ask this again, why isn’t everyone on LinkedIn? Well, it’s the best professional platform to help you reach your goals!

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How Will LinkedIn Help Me Reach My Career Goals?

With social media driving almost every industry, it’s extremely important to connect with people who share your same interests, career goals and build long-lasting relationships with them. LinkedIn helps you find your niche, ask related questions, share your knowledge, receive insight , learn important information and become aware of job opportunities tailored to your interests and experience.

Most recently, when companies and employers are looking for qualified candidates there is one main server they will use: Google. LinkedIn has a very good authority over Google, meaning when a person’s name is researched LinkedIn will most likely be ranked first, followed by Facebook. This ranking allows individuals and businesses be seen more efficiently and allow LinkedIn users to flourish in their job seeking.

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How Often Should I Be Active On LinkedIn?

Optimally, you should be active on LinkedIn daily. Why? Because, people are always searching for thought-leaders; people who share articles, insights, post comments and opinions. Sharing your knowlegde will not only earn you the respect of others in your domain, but also impress other industry leaders and companies.

Thought-leaders keep themselves and the people connected to them ultra current in their industry and impress industry professionals. Your passion, resourcefulness and leadership skills will shine brighter than ever. These are all strengths employers are looking for in potential employees.

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What Should I Post On LinkedIn?

Topics you can discuss with your LinkedIn connections vary from industry to industry. Some general topics that will impress your circle of professionals are companies and competitors growth or decline, marketing and advertising tactics, innovations to the industry. Other important information can be things yo recently learned or experienced, trends and honestly, anything that you are genuinely interested in that’s part of the industry. It’s important to share knowledge, because every idea has the potential to be the next innovation.

Explore. Share. Connect.

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