How To Make Your Social Media Marketing Profitable

How To Make Your Social Media Marketing Profitable

Take Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level

Over the past few years, social media has made its mark in the world. With billions of users worldwide, it’s hard to believe that it would play such a big role in marketing. Yet, here we are, turning to social media to strengthen our online presence. We use it to build lasting relationships while solidify marketing plans. There are many things to consider before creating a social media account. The number one thing to keep in ind is “who are we targeting?” It’s important to strategically plan who you need to be marketing to and how often. The only thing worse than not being on social media is having an account that you cannot keep up with. Take your business to the next level with our social media marketing tips.


Product or service promotion is the beginning to create a name for your brand. A great way to do so is by explaining the benefits of your products or services. Other methods are sharing images or video demonstrations, and sharing your knowledge. Address current industry events and share blog posts from your website showcasing your knowledge, passion, and creativity.


There are so many opportunities that can arise from simply paying attention to what your followers are saying. Social media shouldn’t be about making a post and logging off; it should be about create conversations. Social media users will most likely respond to posts, and when they do, be ready to reply. Consumers value businesses that acknowledge their comments and concerns. This also applies for complaints; consumers are very likely to take to social media when something doesn’t go according to plan. Responses to complaints make a business shine in the best light possible because, they show that they care about customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to thank customers for their positive comments and interest in your product or service and use them as testimonials. Use social media the way it was meant to be used, get social!


Approach social media as an individual to avoid alienating yourself. Your brand should be represented by a voice, and an image in which consumers use to identify you. Use your brands’ voice to your advantage while on social media, it will help users connect to you on a much more personal level. While this is effective, be sure to balance your brands’ voice with a professional touch. Sounding too emotional, cynical or even comical can gravely affect your social media presence.


Now that you’ve taken the time to decide which social media platform fits your audience best, build relationships with your followers and established a balanced voice that represents your brand, it’s time to make a profit! Making a call to action, in simplest terms, calls your audience and asks them to perform an action such as to sign up for a service, get a discount on a product, have a free consultation or any promotion that will prompt viewers to visit your website. When your audience is engaged and values your presence, they are more likely to go through with the call to action which will redirect them to your website, possibly resulting in revenue.


All of these efforts on social media would not have any meaning if we didn’t have a way to measure its success. When measuring your social media marketing campaigns success it’s important to note what you’ve done and how successful the outcome was and begin to plan more effective strategies for future campaigns. For businesses that are new to social media one factor that would be important to measure is the number of shares and retweets on each platform. At this point, shares are much more important because it means that the brand is getting more exposure which is essential for brand recognition. Other activities that should be monitored on social media are the number of page visits, impressions, views, likes, and comments. Measuring the activity of these actions will give deeper insight to what is helping the business succeed or fail.

Creating a profitable social media marketing strategy is a long but worthwhile process. Taking the time to reach the right audience, acknowledge your customers’ comments or concern is important.  Also, be sure to properly set the tone associated with your business. This will help build awareness and lasting relationships across social media platforms. Always remember to create a strong call to action and to analyze the results. Measuring the success of a campaign can help you identify errors and improve your social media presence. Following these practices will help you profit from the experience!

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