How Will AR Change Marketing

How Will AR Change Marketing

Augmented Reality

What does the future of marketing hold? Ask anyone – they will most likely say “Augmented Reality, of course!”

You may be surprised to know that augmented reality didn’t just appear in the 21st century. It was invented in the late 1960’s and is continuously being improved ever since. You may have used AR and didn’t even realize it!

In simple terms, augmented reality is an enhanced view of the world through a device. Computer generated sensory input is combined with the real-world which creates sounds, graphics or videos we wouldn’t see in the natural world. The most known applications that support augmented reality are SnapChat and the famous game, Pokemon GO.

Social Media and AR

Though SnapChat is one of the first platforms to integrate augmented reality, there are a few more that have joined the new trend.

SnapChat is far from being forgotten. Even though the flower crowns and dog ears have been long overused, SnapChat is always busy creating something new. New AR features will give life to Bitmoji characters and change the way you see the world.

Pokemon Go was so much more than a mobile game. It encouraged physical activity, socializing – even though it was probably only about the game – and imagination. In real-time with your mobile device, you could see the Pokemon characters hobbling around, taunting you to catch them. It’ll be hard to beat those experiences, that’s for sure.

Instagram has stories which are very similar to SnapChat, but it does have the ability to move forward from there. Instagram just needs to assess what their strengths are and see if there’s a way they can differentiate themselves in the world of AR.

Have you ever walked down the street and wondered if someone is single or not? Apparently, you’re not the first! Tinder is undergoing a massive change in their app. Soon, users will be able to detect if someone is in a relationship or not simply by pointing their phone at them! As creepy as this may be, it may just bring all the single people together.

As technology advances, we all stop and wonder, where will AR lead us in the future?

Augmented Reality Snapchat Lense

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have a massive impact on brand awareness and loyalty. Influencer marketing was initially product promotions on social media platforms. But now, social media offers a chance to connect influencers and users on a more personal level.

Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter offer live videos and stories. Influencers can invite followers to an exclusive live video or Q&A. These videos will not only allow the influencers to promote the product or brand but allow them to answer important questions leads may have. Frequent live videos and Q&A’s will help build strong relationships, thus increasing brand affinity.

What Else Can AR Do For The Marketing World?

Virtual Tours.
Imagine you’re thinking of buying a Brick & Mortar store, a new apartment, or office space. Would you skip the traveling time if you could get an extensive preview? Of course, who wouldn’t? With augmented reality, potential buyers can be part of a virtual, seamless tour of the space. Equipment required? A smartphone.Augmented Reality Advertisements.
AR advertisements could be displayed in mobile games or apps and be placed anywhere. Products can be showcased in exclusive, high traffic areas or specifically in areas they know their target market frequently visits.
This will be the ultimate game-changer in marketing.

Augmented reality holds many opportunities for developers, influencers, and marketers. Through social media, games, and applications, users will continue to be attracted to AR due to their curiosity and interest in technology. The next steps we take with AR will define the future of augmented reality.