Boosting Your Creativity in the Office

Boosting Your Creativity in the Office

How to Boost Creativity at Work

Don’t be ashamed, it happens to the best of us.
One minute our creative juices are flowing, and the next they come to a screeching halt. You may have considered Feng Shui or even brought your yoga mat to work with no success. In fact, your yoga mat is still rolled up in the closet because you simply don’t have the time to open your chakras. That’s fine, these practices aren’t always practical in the office. Sometimes, all you need is to stop, take a deep breath in and find something around you that will give you that little creative boost!

Listening to Music

It’s definitely not for everyone – some enjoy white noise, but others swear by the sound of music. After all, music is literally creativity in the form of sound. The waves have a positive impact on your brain (of course, death metal probably isn’t the best choice, but to each its’ own, right?) Classical music seems to be the most popular for inspiring that creative flow. Everyone is different, though. Find your beat.
If you just had a creative block, or it’s been there for a while, close your eyes. Listen to the movement of sound and embrace the new flow of thoughts.

Eat the RIGHT Food

Food is fuel, right?
Your brain needs 20% of the total calories you consume in a day. You might not be convinced that’s not a lot but, if you’re not eating foods rich in energy and vital vitamins and minerals, your brain will feel sluggish. A few foods that help boost concentration, memory and creativity are:
Leafy green vegetables.
Dark chocolate (yes, those flavonoids make an immense difference in the brain!)

Nuts and seeds.

Don’t forget water! A dehydrated mind is not a productive mind. While you’re downing that water bottle, consider adding green tea to your daily routine. Aside from all it’s amazing health benefits, green tea will improve concentration and productivity. Remember, a cup of green tea a day keeps those creative blocks at bay.

Something Blue… And Green

When considering the psychology of colors, blue and green help with concentration, positivity, and productivity.
Blue is the color of intelligence. Different hues of blue encourage the flow of thought, improve efficiency and calm your mind.
Green is the color of balance. When your creative energy is depleted, green is the color that will restore balance in our body and mind. When your energy is restored, you can regain a positive, natural flow into your work.
You can add touches of blue and green to your workspace by adding a plant or a colorful painting. Some may even showcase a miniature waterfall on their desk or paint sections of their office walls. It’s your place, you should do what feels right.

Open a Window or the Curtains

Sometimes, all you need is a breath of fresh air to clear your head. But, if you live somewhere cold, like Canada in January, opening the window isn’t always the best option. In that case, let in some natural light. Our bodies are calmed by nature. Since we can’t always work outdoors, bring that natural light into your office.
On days that lack natural light because of winter or storms, consider a mood enhancing light. Mood enhancing lights, otherwise known as light therapy, are great for improving concentration, mood, productivity, and creativity.

Make It Personal

Add family photos to your desk, hang them on your wall or place them on your computer background. These positive memories attached to each photo inspire motivation.
Building a positive, creative workspace isn’t as hard as it seems. Take baby steps by adding a plant in the corner, or featuring your favourite memories on your desk. You could even do as little as writing an inspiring quote on your whiteboard for yourself and others to see. Increase your motivation, inspiration, and productivity to bring yourself to new creative heights.