Remarketing For Businesses

Remarketing For Businesses

Why Is Remarketing Important?

Billions of users surf the web on a daily basis.¬†They’re constantly on the look-out for solutions to their everyday problems. Whether they’re looking for the best deals on fashion apparel or local car dealerships, you can bet they’re doing an elimination process at this very second with the help of the wonderful worldwide web.

Should You Start Remarketing?

Let’s break this down to a science.
As we already mentioned, billions of users are searching on the web. Of those billions, only a very small percentage is in the market for buying a product or service you sell. And an even smaller percentage will come across your website.

At this very second, you’re thinking to yourself should I start remarketing?
Answer. Yes, absolutely!

Why? Mainly because even though there’s a small percentage of users that will visit your website, as little as 1 – 4% will actually convert. That’s an estimated loss of 96 – 99% of customers for small businesses.

If only there was a way to re-engage visitors that haven’t converted.
Oh, wait. Yes, there is!

Remarketing is another marketing tactic which allows you to, basically, remarket your product, service, or solution to users who previously landed on your website.

The difference between remarketing and plain old marketing is you know, for a fact, that these users are interested in buying your product or service because they already visited your website.

How Do I Start Remarketing?

Lucky for you, primary tracking applications such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords allow remarketing features – these applications can be managed through Google Tag Manager for easier use.

Why Should I Start Remarketing?

Remarketing is, in short, incredible.
You have the opportunity to segment visitors based on many, many factors. Which pages they visited, how long their session was, how many times they returned, have they left something in their cart? You can also segment by recent purchase behavior or all visitors.

With all the options for segmentation, it’s quite convincing to start remarketing. If that isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this is: remarketing can increase conversion rates up to 70% more!

Building Awareness

Not all consumers are ready to make a purchase when they first land on your website. The majority of them are still weighing their options and making comparisons. Remarketing is not only a great way to keep reminding users that you’re on the market, but it will also increase brand awareness. Remarketing will help users identify your brand and encourage them to return once they’re ready to make a purchase.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook is the most driven and powerful social media platform to date. Unfortunately for business pages, organic reach is nowhere as high as it used to be. Like Google applications, Facebook offers the general segmentations for remarketing with a huge bonus. Facebook allows you to upload mailing lists to target users that have converted or micro-converted.

Wait, that’s not all! Facebook also allows remarketing to lookalike audiences.
What does that even mean? Users who share similar features and interests as your current target market will also be targeted. For example, users who are in the same age bracket, who live in similar areas and who have similar interests will also be targeted. Lookalike audiences can greatly help your business grow. Thank you, Facebook!

Remarketing is a great way to re-engage audiences, increase brand awareness and increase your conversion rate. What are you waiting for? Remind those users that abandoned your website that you’re still on the market. Go get that extra 70%!

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