It’s time For A Website Change

It’s time For A Website Change


With technology moving at breakneck speed, knowing how and when to give your company’s website design a makeover may not be as intuitive as one might think. When is the right time to begin an update and how do you know your website is due for a tune up? Well, in all fairness, the moment you begin thinking about updating your website is the exact moment that you should start the process. In an instant, a visitor will decide how they feel about your website and your business. First impressions count. How do you want potential customers to feel when they land on your homepage? Today, a clean and responsive website design is the indicator to how the rest of your business operates.

The Why

Potential customers won’t hesitate to turn away from a business if their online presence is drab or uninspiring. A strong web presence is a reflection of your credibility and your brand. A poor web presence also denotes a poorly run business. On the other hand, a slick website may not be the true representation of a company, though first impressions are lasting. For many potential customers out there, not being immediately impressed with a company’s website can be a deal breaker. 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website alone, according to a study done at Stanford University.

The When

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it’s time to revisit your website design;

  • Has it been over 3 years since you’ve last updated your site? Time for a refresh.
  • Is your website in line with your current brand? Each time your company makes a change, your website should reflect that, no matter how major or minor.
  • Is your website intuitive and user-friendly? Making your site easy to navigate is a must. The one thing professionals never have enough of is time. Don’t make your website visitors waste any of theirs on a site that does not flow well.
  • Is your website responsive? Today, most people are conducting business via their smartphones and tablets. It would be a shame to lose a potential customer due to a non-responsive site.
  • Do you have your social sharing buttons in a high traffic area? Make sure the access to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are in a prominent location on your website.
  • Is your company contact info easy to find? The most successful websites incorporate a ‘Contact’ tab in the main navigation menu of their site.
  • Is your website URL too long? A long-winded website URL is unattractive and impractical. You can’t print it on business cards or use them practically in ads. Try to stay on the shorter side; it looks nice and is easy to remember.

Website Templates, Builders and Web Development

With the abundance of do-it-yourself tools like website builders, templates and website checkers, there’s really no excuse not to update your company website. If your website design skills are not up to snuff, there are a plethora of web development agencies ready to help you on your redesign as well as your online visibility. Bounced and abandoned visitors means lost revenue. Don’t leave money on the table.