Five Reasons Why Online Surveys Will Benefit Your Company

Five Reasons Why Online Surveys Will Benefit Your Company

Benefits of Online Surveys

Surveys have existed for many, many years; initially their purpose was to track the population in geographic areas, but now they have so much more to offer to businesses. With the ability to give deeper insight, businesses can discover new target markets as well as the opinions and preferences of their consumers. Increasing the knowledge of a company’s consumers can help them build more efficient marketing and business plans to benefit their growth, brand identity and sales.

Here are five compelling reasons to choose online surveys, rather than traditional surveys.

1. Saving Trees

Why use paper when the internet is more cost-efficient and we can help the planet a little bit more? Here’s a few fun facts about trees: They provide us with oxygen and food – two key essentials to surviving. They also improve air quality, water and oil conservation, benefit the climate and support wildlife!
So, skip the paper and opt for online surveys!

2. Time Saver

It’s much simpler to create, send, collect and analyze surveys that are conducted online, thanks to an online feedback management system! Charts comparing data will make it much easier for companies to consider the adjustments necessary to keep their customers satisfied!

3. Anonymity

Ask anyone, participants who are assured confidentiality are more inclined to give their genuinely honest opinion because they feel more comfortable. Also, this supports the fact that the survey is objective. Many telephone interviewers can subconsciously influence the opinion of the interviewee with minor changes in tone or wording, which effects the interviewees’ responses. Anonymity and objectivity are the perfect combination for accurate, reliable results.

4. Target Market

Believe it or not, target markets change quite frequently. One of the most important factors that effect changes in target markets are trends. Trends constantly attract and repel many people of different ages, gender, income and location. By tracking demographics and psychographics, it becomes more apparent to update a target market which, in turn, can become a necessity to change a company’s business plan and marketing plan. Keep one eye open for changes in your target market, for that alone can drastically change a brands positioning and success.

Adding Visuals, Audio & Links

Using images, videos, audio files and links don’t only make a survey more entertaining for participants, but it can also help a company determine which type of advertising images and videos appeal most to consumers. Feedback on styles, layouts and positioning can go a long way to help companies solidify their brand identity along with appealing to their target market.

With technology on our side, companies should reap the benefits of online surveys every few years to stay at the top of their industry. Trends may not always favour an industry, but knowing what your consumers prefer definitely will.

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