Why is Content Marketing Important?

Why is Content Marketing Important?

How Content Marketing Will Help You

The internet has helped the field of marketing grow strong, always tackling whatever struggle headed our way. But then, something happened. Brand personalities. These brand personalities weren’t just some colour associations, but the words used to describe who the company was. Content marketing is the use of an emotional appeal that sets the tone for your company. The most effective emotional appeal depends solely on who your average customer is. In this blog post you will learn how to find out who is your average customer? What is content marketing? As well as the benefits of content marketing.

What Is A Customer Persona?

A customer persona is a deep analysis of who your average customer is. Factors that outline your customer persona are: demographics, geographics, career and life, interests, goals, and challenges. Defining one or several customer personas will help you determine the approach you should use in your content marketing. Are they busy, all work no play? Do they like to joke around and have fun? Are they involved in specific causes? Each one of these represents a completely different path for a company to take to direct the right customers to connect with your business. Finding out your customer persona will help you find your brand personality. Customer personas are found mostly through data collection such as surveys and forms. Other methods are by scanning social media topics of interest and what your competitors may be doing differently.

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is the content you share through the internet for strangers, leads and customers to see. The most effective ways to do content marketing are through your website, blog, social media and newsletters. The most important thing to remember about content marketing is that it should correspond with your brand personality. How do you define your brand personality? By researching your customer personas, you will find out their personality, what is important to them, their goals, and their challenges. Think of it as trying to make a friend, you usually have a few things in common, care about similar things and help each other meet their goals. If your brand personality reflects the average personality of your customer, then you are all set to go. Just be sure to be consistent in all your content.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Through content marketing, you can successfully attract more customers by sharing consistent, relevant, and helpful advice and stories. The content should serve as a solution for the customers challenges in order to reach their goals. Leads and customers don’t want to read just anything, they want something to connect with on a personal level. Thing that they want to know are: why are you doing what you’re doing? How will what you’re offering help them? And, what are you offering? These questions are usually answered in your mission statement, and the values are carried out into all of your content. How else is content marketing helpful? We provided a list for you:

1. Long-Term Results

News that is typically “in the moment“ is often short lived because it only serves the public for a specific period of time. Creating content that is engaging, answers customers questions and provides solutions is the kind of content that never dies. If you know what your customers are searching, chances are, many other individuals are searching for the same thing. People will be redirected through your site through a simple Google search. Keep in mind, relevant and helpful quality content may not stir up a storm of traffic right away. These results take time, but they will be increasingly beneficial as months, even years pass.

2. SEO Boost

Everyone wants that number one spot when it comes to organic search engine results. It may have seemed impossible because of stronger competitors, but it is in fact possible. It just takes time. Quality content that is constantly being renewed, for example, your blog, will continue to cue Google to scan and rank your page. The more content shared on your page and social media, the easier it’ll be for leads to find you.

3. It Strengthens Relationships

Like we just stated above, the more content shared the more likely that you’ll increase your website traffic. When leads are directed to your blog for a solution to their challenge, they are likely to browse your website and social media. If your content is relevant and offers solutions to their needs, they will probably return. Returning customers help build loyal relationships with your brand. These relationships will benefit your sales because they are likely to spread the word about you, while improving your reputation.

4. Influence Conversions

Well-written, engaging content is one of the best ways to encourage conversions. This can be done through blogs, newsletters, and social media that contain strong call-to-actions. Sometimes, your mission statement might be enough to convince them. Whatever direction your brand goes in, remember that your customers values are your values, too.

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective, successful marketing tactics. When used properly, it will bring your company many benefits. These benefits include: long-term results, SEO boost, and strong customer relations. While content alone won’t always influence conversions, the combination of strong call-to-actions and content are important factors for success.

One last thing…
Create content that will inspire!

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