Are Red Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Losing their WOW Factor?

Are Red Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Losing their WOW Factor?

Are You Missing Out On The Greatest Pre-Holiday Deals?

As we are all aware, Red Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are identifiable as the peak days for in-store and online shoppers. Prices being crossed out with a bright red line, shoppers running in and out of stores insatiably – oh, the rush. It was common to see a fight between two women and a pair of shoes on these days than any other in North American shopping history. Trust me, it’s hard for us to remain sane with deals at 70% off or more.

Recently, more shoppers are turning to ecommerce, which brings many benefits (like decreasing General Holiday Shoppers Anxiety!) We never asked ourselves if we were getting the best deal when we shopped in stores, the old-fashioned way. Now, with the internet, it’s much easier for consumers to search the value of products and answer the age old question: Are you getting the best deals?

Get the latest scoop on the over-hyped shopping days as well as which retailers to keep an eye out for. And, stay tuned to when to find the best deals prior to the holidays, in-store and online!

Where’s The “WOW” Factor?

Red Thursday. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. These are the three days shopaholics, deal hunters and Secret Santa’s alike, rush to the stores – or the nearest electronic device. With deals that would only be applicable that specific day, revenues spiked. Here’s a mini intro to commerce – and I’m no expert: If retailers see a sale is working, they will do whatever it takes to make it last.

Over the last few years, Black Friday introduced Pre-Black Friday, and Cyber Monday becoming Cyber Week. Deals always claiming to outshine the previous one are printed on glossy banners or plastered all over the internet. Of course consumers are still prepping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday especially. But now, the three famous shopping days are fading into an entire month of sales and discounts. As deals are sporadically presented to us throughout the months of November and December, there is less and less appeal for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Going Once, Going Twice, Gone Cyber!

Many people still enjoy the rush Red Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring. The shoppers hastily picking up their favorite items, while trying to swarm through the crowd of loose change, hungry for more deals. Fortunately, holiday shopping is expected to be more civil this year as more consumers turn to online shopping.

With over three-quarters of online shoppers logging into Amazon, we thought, “They must have amazing deals!” Hold your wallets close, though.

Some items that claimed to be insanely reduced, actually weren’t. The most striking example was a silver necklace that claimed it’s initial price was $119.99 and the Black Friday price was $23.87, 80% off. When checking Amazon’s price history through CamelCamelCamel, the Amazon regular price was never more than $33.91. Does this mean Amazon lies about their prices? Absolutely not. This is where it gets a little confusing. Amazon has deals year round, prices are already cut in half, more or less. But, when it comes to big shopping days, like Black Friday, Amazon sellers may compare their deal with the actual retail price. The lines are a little blurred with Amazon and big savings days.

A helpful tip? Always check the price history and the retail value, if possible.

Attention, Deal Hunters!

Red Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t the only three days to get the best holiday deals. Sales can begin as early as mid November, as well as the last week of November into Cyber Week. You might think they won’t have great deals, but when is a deal ever not great? Also, keep in mind, limited supplies post Cyber Monday usually means they want to clear their inventory.

There’s something about Monday’s and sales. This year, December 4th and 11th are expected to be one of the busiest shopping days in December. Green Monday, December 11th, is especially known for great deals on digital items. Keep an eye out for those two days.

Free shipping, anyone? Free shipping is usually around mid-December. The dates depend on the retailer. Along with free shipping, all orders are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. It’s perfectly convenient for the last-minute online holiday shoppers!

Are you a more traditional shopper? Not to worry, the week before Black Friday and after Cyber Monday offer great in-store deals. And while online shoppers benefit from free shipping, Brick-and-Mortar stores compensate with great savings.

If you really like to cut it close, there’s always December 23rd and 24th! This year, those dates fall on a Saturday and Sunday. Don’t be surprised if you notice more last-minute shoppers! It will be the last weekend of holiday specials before Boxing Days hype.

As conscious consumers, we care about prices and every penny saved. Keep an eye out throughout the months of November and December for spontaneous discounts. Spoil your loved ones (and yourself), this holiday season.
Happy Shopping!

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