Social Media Marketing 2018

Social Media Marketing 2018

Keeping Up with Social in 2018

Having a successful online presence means keeping up with the top social media marketing trends. In order to get your brand to stand out, following what’s already been proven to work is your best bet. Extensive studies have been done that allow us to see which social media marketing tactics work and which don’t. Keep reading below to find out which strategies are destined to work best for 2018.

Influencers Continue To Influence

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Brands and consumers are linked more than ever.  Many customers will mention a specific brand on social media if they feel they have had a positive experience using it. Studies have shown that many consumers mention or “tag” a brand on their post when celebrating a personal accomplishment. This can be a simple thank you, but can also be a way of potentially obtaining a sponsorship. For example, mentioning a specific food service after having successfully shed some pounds.  Brands have realized the exponential outreach associated with creating relationships through social media, which also serves as a way to advertise their product. In 2018, brands will continue to reach out and enlist “influencer” marketing to further strengthen their online brand visibility.

Customer Service through Social Media

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Social media has changed the traditional meaning of customer service. What used to be a private conversation between a customer and a customer service representative now takes place in the public eye. A survey conducted by Sprout Social found that 56 percent of respondents have complained about a business on social media. The awareness of these complaints can go viral, causing a very large number of people to see them.

The worst thing to do for a business is to ignore these complaints. Sprout Social discovered that, when ignored on social media, 30% of their customers will go to a competitor and 26% are less likely to use the company’s product or service. These results help keep a company accountable. A simple, helpful response to negative social media posts can have several positive results for businesses. According to Sprout Social, 70% are more likely to use your product or service, 75% likely to share their good experience through their own social media profile and 73% will share this positive interaction with their own friends.

Social Media Marketing through Live Streaming

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Another top social media marketing trend in 2018 is live streaming. Different social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram are all pushing the use of live streaming. It’s expected that within the next few years, the video streaming market will reach $70.5 billion. Examples of great thing to live stream are: events, a Q&A, the launch of a new product or simply some company news.

Invest in the Right Marketing Strategies

There are some undervalued marketing trends that are still present in 2018. Facebook ads are under-priced and a great way to get your product or service to people.

At Carte Blanche, our social media experts can bring your online marketing game to a new level, while using other digital marketing strategies to help grow your business in a big way. Contact us today!