Creative Writing Inspiration 2019

creative writing inspiration

Creative Writing Inspiration 2019

Maybe it’s time we look at our lack of inspiration as opportunities for discovery – within and outside ourselves. A lack of inspiration should trigger curiosity, allowing you to venture into uncharted territories and ultimately, bringing you the inspiration you need. Here are a few ways to get your creative writing inspiration going, while bringing you an overall sense of betterment.


If you’re not reading, you’re not writing. It’s that simple. It’s like a basketball player who never watches other players train or play – he’ll never understand in inner workings of basketball and even worse, he’ll never question himself. Reading allows you to question your writing techniques as well as your process, which is beneficial to your growth and enhancement as a writer. Additionally, reading will inspire creativity in your own stories. Like Louis L’amour said, “The water doesn’t flow unless the faucet is turned on.” Turn on the faucet by reading and getting inspired by other people’s work. It’s intrinsic for longevity as a writer and even more than that, it engages and lights up your inner path and journey.

If you need some extra help, we suggest downloading the Blinkistapp. It gives you solid insights from more than 2000 best selling books, organized into small categories. You can read or listen, it’s up to you. It’s great for creative writing inspiration and for personal growth as well.


In the near future, audio & voice will be the standard in engaging with the internet and the world around us. The rise of podcasts and audio-books has made it easy for anyone to consume content at any time. We like to use Spotify and Audible to get our dose of audio content.

While Spotify is great for music streaming and podcasts, Audible (owned my Amazon) is a great way to listen to content on the go or while doing something else.

If you’re looking for some entrepreneurial motivation and straight inspirational fire, we recommend “The Gary Vee Audio Experience” podcast or the “Tim Ferris Show.” Both will spark your creative process and get you moving in the right direction.

Listen. Learn. Write. Repeat.


Yes, silence is golden. Some of the best writers have produced their best work in solitude and silence but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and engage with other human beings. In fact, we encourage that. It really comes down to exchanging points of view, meeting new people, exploring and ultimately get introduced to stories that can inspire your creative writing. Like Friedrich Nietzsche said, “A good writer possesses not only his own spirit, but also the spirit of his friends.”

Eventbrite and Meetup are great apps for discovering activities in and around you as well as facilitating meeting new and like-minded people.

It’s all about sharing positive energy. Associate yourself with positive people and watch your inspiration overflow.


I know – we’re stating the obvious here but it’s true: the more you write, the more inspiration you’ll get. When writer’s block or a lack of creative writing inspiration hits, you’ll begin to get used to it. In time, you’ll find your own way of pushing through it and using one of the tips we’ve mentioned to get you writing again. A French proverb states, “It is only by forging that one becomes a blacksmith.”

Writing a daily journal can be beneficial in this respect. It “forces” you to write, regardless of the subject or how imperfect it turns out. You can even choose to write something in point form and maybe reference those points at a later date for inspiration. This will also allow you to work on your emotional intelligence, become more self-aware and mindful. Writing a daily journal can also be considered a form of meditation, especially when mindfulness is achieved and your focus is strictly in the now.

Creative Writing Inspiration is Everywhere

After reading this article, we hope to have peaked your creative writing inspiration! Remember, lacking inspiration is a good thing. It makes you curious and brings you the want to get out there and learn. So, the next time you sit down to write, don’t worry if inspiration doesn’t strike. It’ll come.

One more inspirational quote for the road: “I write to discover what I know.” – Flannery O’Connor

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*Note: The handsome, super smart creative writer wrote this post – some bias may be present.