Team Motivation Post Holiday Break

Team Motivation Post Holiday Break

Most of us experience the post vacation drag and it has nothing to do with jet lag. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a break, but getting back into the swing of things isn’t always easy. How do we go from sipping margaritas on the beach to sitting in front of a computer screen for most of the day? Some people have to brace themselves for winter weather on their return home as well – yikes. Sit tight. Here’s what we’ve done to build team motivation upon our return from a well deserved holiday break.


We couldn’t dwell on lost time or broken momentum. Maybe some projects took a hit but we can’t move forward by looking back. Instead, we regrouped and got organized. Some may have forgotten the good old pen and paper but it proved very efficient for us. Making a tangible list on paper or your office whiteboard is a great idea. Checking every task off by hand is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Check out these dry-erase boards and pick one up for your team. Trust us, it helps big time!


We have weekly team meetings but this one was special. Every team member was asked to talk about the efforts they were proud of in the past year, both in and out of the office. They were reminded of our dedicated clients and how happy they are with our collective work. Basically, we focused on all the positive things and what we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Getting the message across clearly is super important. Positive energy should always reign supreme, but being transparent about the teams shortcomings should also be addressed. Mistakes have been a proven and essential path to success. Facing them head  on in order to avoid them moving forward is the way to go. Team motivation = solid communication.

The Big Picture

Last year was about restructuring, getting organized and creating an efficiency system. This year, our focus is on taking advantage of our efforts and take Carte Blanche Media to new heights. A new project manager was hired and we’ve also added a dedicated photographer to the team. Everyone in the office was briefed on the new work flow chart and how important it is to follow it.

What’s New?

We always work hard on building our network and thankfully, our clients are spreading the Carte Blanche love. We briefed our team about new projects that are in pipeline for the coming months. This got our team excited about the new challenges ahead. We’ve delivered many projects across a wide variety of industries, but there is always something new to learn. As lifelong students, we welcome and embrace that. Speaking of learning, we feel that acquiring new skills or expanding on the ones you have is important to keeping motivated. We offer our team access to tutorials, courses and provide any tools that can bring their skills to the next level. Your team is investing in you, so you should invest in them.


We then moved to highlighting our company’s successes over the last year. With this comes the acknowledgement of the team members who lead the charge. Team motivation is in large part due to acknowledging achievements. This year, we raised a glass to those who went above and beyond the call of duty. As a thank you, we got them a little gift and of course, a huge hug! Subsequently, always take time to have a one on one meeting with each of your team members. Creating and maintaining a solid bond is intrinsic to a long lasting business relationship. Grab a coffee for you and your team member and have a down to earth conversation. You’ll be amazed how great it is to make time for someone and be present only for them in that moment. Top priority stuff right there.

Ready, Set, Go!

Let’s get those game faces on! We turned to our project manager for upcoming deadlines and goals. As a result, our team has concise goals along with a clear path to achieve them. You can’t just point and  shoot. Again, communication and transparency is key and we encourage our team to speak up at any time they see fit. We regularly ask how work is coming along and remind everyone that any and all questions are encouraged. Make a habit of checking in with your crew on the regular. Aside from business, we make it a point to touch base with our team about their weekend, families and anything else they may have going on outside the office. We all have lives outside of work and being mindful of a healthy work-life balance can do wonders to everyone’s well-being.

Team Motivation

Your success is only as good as your team. In an age where digital marketing is a must, the end user has a million ways to go. Let’s face it, competition is fierce and there are a ton of companies out there that deliver solid work. In the end, your team’s dedication is everything. Everyone can create a website, market it, etc. One of the only unique aspects that you bring to your customers is your team. Make sure you’re proud of them, that you’re confident about their skills and most of all, that they feel the same way about you.

Here’s a quick check-list of things to address in order to make sure your team motivation is on high:

  • Facing the now. Looking back won’t make you move forward.
  • Acknowledge last year’s achievements. Let positivity flow while staying honest about shortcomings to work on.
  • Draw the bigger picture. Give your team a sneak peak to the major goals for the year ahead.
  • Introduce new projects. New challenges create excitement and team spirit.
  • Show appreciation for your standouts. A simple thank you goes a long way.
  • Let your project manager take centre stage, offering everyone a detailed look at tasks ahead.
  • Wrap up with a few high-fives! Reiterate your confidence and belief in all your team members.

What’s your experience with team motivation after the holiday break? Have you taken a different approach? Comment below and share your tips with us!

Stay tuned for our next journal entry and more in-depth, behind the scenes from Carte Blanche Media.