Assets to design better emails


Assets to design better emails

What tools can marketers access to better their email creatives? What are the best assets to have when designing your next email? Data and testing.

So how exactly does data make design better? Here are some types of data that can benefit email designers:

  • What people have looked at in the past
  • What kind of email services people are opening up
  • What type of content has resonated with clients in the past

Here’s an example of how data helps craft a successful email. GIFs don’t work properly in Outlook 2007. By using past data, you can know beforehand if a portion of your readers use that email service. If they do, and you use a GIF, then your email campaign won’t be as effective as it would have been if you had segmented that audience to use a more Outlook 2007 friendly design.

Besides data, testing is an essential element to successful email design. How can testing make better designs? There’s a ton of things that can be tested in your email design. Some of the more important elements are button and imagery tests.

For buttons, try different shapes and sizes. Rectangle, circular, round edges, borders, these are all considerations when designing the button. Next thing to focus on is the button copy. It’s been said the word “submit” has a negative connotation for buttons, it sounds like an order, it’s forceful and bossy. Perhaps try using words like “download” or “get” simply label it with what the call-to-action offer is.

Try testing different colors. Color can greatly impact how your audience interacts with an email or webpage. Darker backgrounds don’t usually work well and is hard on the eyes. Lighter callers are favorable for reading but not so light that the copy fades into the background. Use different colors for important portions that you want to emphasise. But take care in not adding too much color, or else your email might start looking like amateurish and clumsy. A rule of thumb is to use no more than 3 colors in a design.

With the right data available at your hands and some testing, you could craft a slick looking and successful email campaign.